Monday, April 27, 2015

Genealogy Do-Over, Cycle 2 Week 3

Sorry, I am late posting for week 3, but I have had a bad case of bronchitis. Still not completely over it, but I'm back to work at least.

Week three's main focus has two parts:

  • tracking research
  • conducting research

I have been anxiously awaiting this week. My old tracking system (or lack of one) left many holes in my research. I would follow a shaky leaf or some other BSO, and after a brief analysis (usually on a legal pad -filed and forgotten), I would attach it to my tree and move on to the next interesting "fact" that caught my eye. I would jump around from ancestor to ancestor with no real plan or purpose in place.  Looking back over those records, I realized they pointed to other records which I either neglected to search for or ended up with a negative search. Without tracking my research, I have no idea what I did years ago.

In the last post, I had developed a tracking To-Do list, but it was complicated and it didn't feel right. So, after researching and practicing many new tracking tools, I have decided that my process will be to use:

1. A research tracking sheet I found on Genedocs. I will use a different sheet for reach family group and it is easy to add/delete/change the column headings. It is easy to determine what I still need to look for, or what doesn't apply to each individual.

2. Using the Genedocs spreadsheet, I will begin my research. I just recently ordered and received Evidentia and after watching a webinar on it, I am going to use it to document, catalogue, and analyze my research. I am even able to document negative search in this program. I have chosen to attach the document to the program, and keep it with the citations.
I LOVE how Evidentia's templates are so easy to use and provide great Evidence Explained citations. I no longer worry about if I am doing it right. The program also provides the First (Full) Reference Note citation, the Source List Entry, and Subsequent (short) Notes citations in all of its reports. The program allows the user to run numerous types of reports. I am so glad I purchased this program!

Documenting a source:

Catalogue all claims:

Another screenshot for cataloging claims:

And finally analyzing all of the evidence:

These two tools will help me to see the gaps in my research and to help me make sense of what I have found. There is still much to learn about how this program can be utilized and I look forward to learning more. Next, I need to work on how to write strong analysis conclusion statements. I know there is a correct format out there, and that will be my next area to work on.

How was your Week 3? Did you find the research tools best for you? I hope to be on track with Week 4 very soon. See you then.