Saturday, May 2, 2015

Genealogy Do-Over Cycle 2 Week 4

This week's Do-Over consists of:
1) Managing Projects and Tasks and 2) Tracking Searches

This week has caused me great stress! I tried to use the Project Management spreadsheet, but I became very confused. It seemed too much, almost as if it were redundant. I couldn't get used to changing the colors, cutting and pasting to the bottom, and then transferring to another sheet. I use a calendar/day planner to track my genealogy and work projects. I have used this for years and it works well. For all of my family's activities, I use a large wall calendar and everyone is responsible for writing their activities on it, so I can coordinate my jobs and projects around theirs. 

The other problem for me this week was tracking my searches! It wasn't difficult to do, but it just seemed senseless. I usually check back on the same websites about every 6 months, and it may take a different type of search at that point to locate new data. I am trying not to be so resistant to change, so I have decided to continue tracking my searches until the end of the Do-Over, just to see if it makes more sense to me later.

How did your Week 4 go?