Wednesday, May 25, 2016

(Not so) Wordless Wednesday - Grand Canyon 2009

I'm posting old family photographs from my collection on Wednesdays, but they won't be wordless posts like others do.

This week I chose to include two of my favorite photos. They are from a family vacation to the Grand Canyon in June 2009. We traveled to the North and the South Rim on that trip. I had never seen mountains before, and I certainly was not prepared for the beauty that I would behold. This candid picture is of my husband (in background), my son, daughter, and my granddaughter on Point Imperial, North Rim. 

This is a picture of me taken on the South Rim. The vibrant colors, the clean, crisp air, and the silence were so alluring. I didn't want to leave and return back to the flat lands of north Texas. This was one of my favorite vacations. So great, in fact, that we went back in 2013 and I wouldn't mind making another trip there in the future. I could never tire of seeing such majestic beauty.

Do you have a vacation that stands out above the others? Tell us about it. Share your vacation story in your own blog post, in a comment to this post, or on Facebook or Google+.